Mechanized Cleaning For Storage Tanks And Lagoons

TSL undertakes to clean storage tanks and lagoons as well as the treatment of many types of sludges and contaminated soils that accumulate in different industries. For all this type of work TSL is equipped with robot tractors with hydraulic drive mechanisms designed as explosion proof equipment. The units include:


THE DOZER - for operation in hazardous locations (classified areas) having remote controls that minimizes the need for workers entering the storage tanks and reducing occupational health risks.


THE MINI-DOZER - This unit is particularly useful for removing sludges and contaminated soil from underneath low pipe racks and similar “tight” locations. The mini-dozer is equipped with a video camera facilitating operation from a remote control in locations that could no otherwise be seen.

Limpeza Robotizada de Tanque
Limpeza Robotizada de Tanque


Solid materials taken from storage tanks are rarely homogeneous; they usually present a wide variation of physical characteristics – densities, viscosities and particle size. Thus the need for the sludge homogenizing unit for a first stage of the process. It incorporates screening, mixing, mechanical agitation and heating of the raw sludge. There is a pumping station with all necessary controls. Solid lumps of material separated at the screening stage are first removed from the fines and fluid sludge that passes to the next separation stage in a three phase centrifuge. All electric components are explosion proof.

Limpeza Robotizada de Tanque
Limpeza Robotizada de Tanque


The decanter centrifuge has been especially designed for oily sludges and achieves a three-part separation – water, oil and solids. After the centrifuge comes a pumping station sending water to an effluent treatment station; oil is returned to process, and the solid cake goes to a suitable treatment unit for the disposal of oily residues.


  • Avoidance of worker exposure to incalculable occupational risks
  • Significant reduction of occupational hazards.
  • Reducing to a fifth the overall down-time for a cleaning project.

A reduction in the quantities of residual materials accruing to a cleaning project

Limpeza Robotizada de Tanque
Limpeza Robotizada de Tanque
Limpeza Robotizada de Tanque

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