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Solid Waste Management and Treatment

TSL offers waste management services comprised of:

  • Inventory survey generated in the industrial process;
  • Waste characterization in accredited laboratories;
  • Collection (internal transportation into the Customer site), segregation, and storage ;
  • External transportation;
  • Suitable waste destination.
Solid Waste Management and Treatment
Solid Waste Management and Treatment

Biopiling as a remediation process of contaminated soils

Biopiling as a remediation process of contaminated soils


Biopiling is a remediation process used for soil contaminated with hydrocarbons. The process accelerates the action of microbes normally found in the soil by aeration, humidity control and nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorous, as well as substances that improve the soil structure Aerobic microbe activity degrades hydrocarbons thus reducing their concentration.

Biopiling starts by laying out impermeable mats to avoid seepage of leachate and soluble compounds into the subsoil. Before building the pile a network of air pipes connected to an air blower are installed, the function of which is to aerate and further accelerate the process. It is usual to cover the piles with a tarpaulin to protect them from wind and rain and to prevent the escape of contaminates material into the immediate environment.


  • Natural process without harmful side effects;
  • Flexible process allowing corrections during operation;
  • Presents a cost / benefit very attractive compared to other treatment methods.
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